It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first hiring experience or you have been doing it for years, hiring a new employee is a big thing for any business.  Every person that comes into the company can be crucial to growth, can cause problems or can be the extra something that your organisation really needed.  That makes the hiring process a very important one. So how you can you make sure you get the perfect new employee?

Constantly Improve Your Process

Every time you employ someone, you learn something about your hiring process and this constant assessment is important.  Even if you are new to hiring, there are things you can learn from best approaches of others such as:

  • Focusing your questions on getting the know the most important things about the person such as their skills and abilities, their attitude and personality.
  • Making sure job adverts are comprehensive so the candidate really understands the role they are applying for.
  • Getting others involved in the process to add more opinions for better results.

Look For Commitment

It’s important to note that a perfect employee doesn’t exist, everyone has their limitations but you can find the perfect employee for you. In today’s climate, you aren’t going to find many people who will guarantee to be with your business until they retire.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for commitment – people who switch jobs too easily or frequently often aren’t a good fit.  You want a certain degree of loyalty, someone who wants to work for the company and who is enthusiastic about the role they are interviewing for.

Check Their Social Media Accounts

Most people today will have social media accounts, and this can be a good place to get a more accurate idea of their personality.  You don’t need to cyber stalk them and read every comment they have ever made but it can be a good way to get a feel for them, a sense of what is important to them and who they are.  This can then be used in the interview to explore further topics.

Test Their Skills

I’m sure we would all admit that we use our best skills and attributes on our CVs – that’s the point of the document.  While you’re not suggesting that an applicant is lying about their capabilities, an important part of the hiring process is to check that they can really do what they say they can do.

This doesn’t mean you need to conduct a skills test during the interview because that would be time-consuming and a bit awkward.  Instead, make sure you include questions or scenarios in the interview that explores their skills and experience levels to check that they have the knowledge they stated on their CV.

Make Sure Candidate Fits The Company

Commitment and skills are quite concrete things to consider but you also want to look at something a little more ephemeral – compatibility with your other employees and company culture.  You want someone who has a suitable personality for your workplace and has the right kind of customer approach.  If your company isn’t into hard selling, for example, then a hardcore salesperson isn’t likely to be a good fit within your company culture.

Author Bio: Stephen Holmes is the owner of NI Jobsearch, Northern Ireland’s newest job board with tips and and advice for jobseekers and employers alike.

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