I have spent over ten years in the film industry, six in visual effects. This is my personal guide to finding and applying for work in a very competitive market.

  1. Recruitment agencies can be good but do not rely on them, it is worth building your own network of contacts and email companies job departments directly. Set aside a few hours and email as many as possible.
  2. If relevant make sure you have a showreel available online and a pdf of your CV so you can direct a company towards your work in the first email. There are very few companies that still require you to send a hard copy.
  3. Check twice cut once. Check emails for spelling, the correct CV is attached, the link to your reel is the latest and most importantly of all, you address the correct company. When emailing lots of places it’s easy to cut and paste and put Dear wrong company.
  4. Keep a record of what companies you’ve emailed, what contacts you’ve made and if you got a response. That way you can directly email someone next time instead of the general enquires and know how long ago you last asked about work.
  5. Use employment networking sites such as Linkedin, follow companies, keep in contact with colleagues and people that recruited you. People are usually happy to be connected professionally. Keep an eye on feeds for job updates. As a side note keep sites such as LinkedIn professional and not use it for social networking, only connect with people you know or recruiters.
  6. Follow company recruitment accounts on social media such as twitter and facebook they quite often post jobs.
  7. Take the plunge and apply to other countries. One of the most amazing experience of my life was going to work in Australia.
  8. It’s worth having a skype account, you never know when a company might need to do an interview over the internet.
  9. Take part in social events if you can, post work drinks and company get togethers are important for networking and getting to know everyone. People talk about new opportunities and what companies are good to work for.
  10. No really make an effort to go down the pub on a friday night even if you don’t drink, people from all different companies get together. People have often told me about new openings over a pint. Drink responsibly kids.
  11. Keep the faith. It can be hard going, especially if you’re just starting out and have few contacts to call on. Don’t give up, send lots of emails, be ready to get no response and keep at it.
  12. Of course follow accounts such @animationjobs for listings.

Amanda Bone
Texture Artist
Twitter Code cat @cd_cat9


It has been a mammoth task to compiling full details of all Animation and VFX studios based at Mumbai, India. Mumbai is India’s hub for Media and Entertainment sector including our very own 3D Animation and Visual Effects industry. 
The list contains all essential details including studio web site link, physical address, contact number and HR email id. We had taken all the measures to updates the latest information. The details are taken from official web site and our contacts. 
We hope it will help you to get job faster. The studio list is not as per the priority or alphabetical order. Kindly inform us if we miss any details or any studio. 
Best luck for your job.