5 Aug 2018

Freelance EXPERT 2D Animator Needed To Assist With Teaser Trailer

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Job Description

We are putting together a 6.25 minute 2D animated Teaser Trailer, working towards a full length animation of my Screenplay Thrill Rider.

We are in preproduction, and trying to select the right animator for the Teaser. We have had lots of potential candidates (via Upwork and will probably more via https://www.animatedjobs.com website) the reason being that I find almost all 2D animation (move left/move right/move in/move out/vibrate … boring and uninteresting) not something that I would watch for 5 minutes let alone 120 min.

What I want to do is create a “theater like experience” when the animation is not 3D but is not the simple ugly techniques of the low level motion comics or TV ads. Here is an example (remember the actual graphic models and backgrounds would be different) of what I am looking for – The Walking Dead Motion Comic: ‘Days Gone By’ Volume 1 The Walking Dead Motion Comic: ‘Days Gone By’ Volume 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZyMC0Y6t1Q

But using quality backgrounds and more detailed characters.

We are looking for an animator with this quality of “natural” 2D animation in there Portfolio. Everyone who has applied says “no problem I can do that…” (go figure) so what we are going to do (unless you have a great example to your work showing this level of “natural” animation, is a small animation skills test during which we will provide the rigged Character assets/storyboard/script and Direction…. just a few seconds/lines of dialogue to see if you can produce animation that someone will be engaged by during a 6.25 teaser and ideally throughout a 120 minute animated film.

The problem is….. everyone who applies from Upwork or elsewhere will say “NO PROBLEM- I CAN DO THAT” sign me up….. but without any examples on their Portfolio showing this – they are asking us to pay them to try to do it…. that is why The Upwork Job says (Toon Boom Expert Needed” etc.)

Just to be clear from the outset. We are not PIXAR or anything comparable – this is a MICRO-BUDGET Production to seek funding for a full length 2D animated feature.

You will be paid (if hired) $1000 for the animation work done on producing this 6.25 minute teaser Trailer for promotion of the 120 minute movie we are HOPING to get produced.

BUT other than being “first in line for consideration” for a contract to work on the full length movie and getting credit for your work on the “Teaser” I can not guarantee you anything beyond this first contract.

If based on these terms you are interested in showing (by a very short test animation based on Character Assets/rigs and backgrounds we will provide) what you can do with our graphic novel teaser animation, please apply and I will contact you once we have the first sequence vector graphic images.

Also if you have a Portfolio which shows this level of skills with a detailed 2D character and don;t feel you should have to bother with “proving your skills” I understand… please apply and send a link to your work showing this level of skill. If we agree, we will contact you back – if not……

We do not want to waste anyone’s time, but so far…. no animator Portfolio links have reached the 2D animation standard we are looking for. Your work will substantively determine if we get the full length feature funded so I hope you understand our situation.

Please see www.thrillridermovie.com for some more background or look at an animation of the bio-feedback controlled super coaster I designed when writing the Thrill Rider graphic novel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxB_R_SFCr0

If you want to help us reach a new level of 2D animated entertainment and you have the professional skills and interest to make this Project special I hope to hear from you.

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Job Categories: 2D Animation. Job Types: Freelance. Job expires in 15 days.

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